Here’s the list of our LIVE and PRE-RECORDED times for our filmmaker Q and A’s!! **Please note the Live Presentations will be on our main facebook page  NOT on our event page, because FB/or us are stupid and could not get it to work** If you like and follow our page you should be notified when we go live. Don’t worry if you miss the live broadcast as it will be available on both our main and event page to watch later that day, as well as our Darkside Video YouTube page next week.


1PM (PDT): Matt Storc – PRE-RECORDED (Director of Take Back the Knife)

1:30PM (PDT): Emi Electra and Amber Anne – LIVE (Director and Lead Actor of SOMATIKA) 

2PM (PDT): Marcella C. De Finis – LIVE (Director of Incredible Tale of the Spiritless Man)

2:30pm (PDT): Baptiste Rouveure – PRE-RECORDED (Director of anonymous animals)

3pm (PDT): #FilmedInBC with 6 filmmakers: LIVE

Carolyn Irwin and Jon Flahr (Producer and Director of Deleted)
Ariel Hansen – (Director of Nepenthes)
Sharai Rewels – (Director of Ramshackle Blues)
Chris Beaubien – (Director of Siren)
Topher Graham – (Director of Devil and I)

3:45pm (PDT): TBC – LIVE Our community partner Vancouver Short Film Festival. 

SUNDAY AUGUST 30th, 2020

12PM (PDT): Emmanuel Bonami – PRE-RECORDED ( Actor in French Blood 1. Mr. PIG)

12:30PM (PDT):
Ryan LaPlante and Tom McGee – LIVE ( Director and Producer of Don’t Sneeze)
Matt Parks – LIVE (Director of The Minister)

1PM (PDT): Ryan Irving LIVE – (Director of Bark)

1:30PM (PDT): William Davis and Kyle Wilson – LIVE ( Producer and Director of Look Twice)

2PM (PDT): Tony Reames – LIVE (Director of Playtime’s Over)

2:30PM (PDT): Mark Beal – LIVE (Director of Bloodsucker’s Planet)


Best Feature Film
Best Short film
Best BC Film
Best Horror Film
Best Horror Comedy Film
Most Fantastique Film
Director’s Choice Film

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