UPDATES!!! (August 6, 2017)


We have just announced the full program/schedule on our official EVENT PAGE! The copy is also down below:

SAT. AUG. 26th 11:00 AM (Brunch)

La Folia (short)
Reveries of a Soletary Walker (feature)

12:45 PM

60-Minute Short Film Block including:
Don’t Fuck with England
Please Love Me Forever
Bestia (new!)**This film has been moved to end of 90min Film Block**

2:00 PM

Hell Haunt (short)
Who’s Watching Oliver (Feature)

4:00 PM (Tea Time!)

90-Minute Short Film Block including:
Barber’s Cut
Bun in the Oven
The Room
Ready to Burst
and Bestia (new!)

6:00 PM (The Main Course!)

Stick to Your Gun (short)
Pool Party Massacre (feature)

8:00 PM

Hooker Piss (Music Video)
Lloyd Kaufman’s Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High aka Vol. 2 (Feature)


10:00 PM

Alphamem (short)
The Other Side of the Witching Hour (short)
Picture of Beauty (Feature)

Downloadable programme here:



JUST ANNOUNCED!!!! (July 2, 2017)

Dust off those Return to Nuke ‘Em High Blu-rays and get ready to get back to class, because Lloyd Kaufman’s cliffhanging Tromasterpiece is finally about to conclude as Troma dares to Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Vol. 2 with its CANADIAN PREMIERE SCREENING at this year’s Cinemafantastique 3! August 26th at the Vancity Theatre downtown Vancouver, BC, Cinemafantastique 3 is an all-day genre film extravaganza (film festival!) featuring some of the most innovative and crazy genre films from all over the world, and director Lloyd Kaufman will be there in person for an audience Q&A and to sign autographs and sell Tromerchandise throughout the day! Remember, Cinemafantastique 3 will be screening VOL. 2 of Lloyd Kaufman’s Return to Nuke ‘Em High, so if you need to brush up on Vol. 1 prior to this summer’s event we suggest you get your ducks in a row and get yourself re-schooled before witnessing the film that critic Simon Abrams called “everything exploitation fans want” and “Kaufman’s angriest polemic yet, and it’s consequently his looniest.”

Saturday, August 26th at the Vancity Theatre, Vancouver, BC. Doors open at 11 AM!

Ticket sales available online at Film Freeway and Indie Go-Go!

Cinemafantastique 3 Trailer from Vince D’Amato on Vimeo.

It’s CINEMAFANTASTIQUE 3 time! THIS SUMMER – The Bloody/Sexy International Genre Fest – August 26th at the Vancity Theatre in Vancouver.

Now in our third year, the CINEMAFANTASTIQUE International Genre Film Fest presents another exciting lineup of the best in new fantastique cinema as we continue our commitment to providing one of Vancouver’s most innovative film festival experience.

CINEMAFANTASTIQUE 3 will take place at the VANCITY THEATRE in VANCOUVER, SATURDAY, AUGUST 26th as an all-day event – 11 AM – MIDNIGHT!

New Cinemafantastique Website:


As last year, our ticket prices are purely by suggested donation – At the door, the suggested donation will be: $20-$22 for the full day of films.

The suggested donation here is DISCOUNTED through this ticket pre-sales campaign (see: PERKS), and there will also be more options in the PERKS section to per-purchase bundles or merchandise – again, DISCOUNTED!

“But wait, didn’t you just say ‘you can pay whatever you want?’ Can’t I just get in for free? ”

As much as we would like to provide our patrons with an immersive festival experience for free, we have to set a minimum suggested donation in order for us to cover the costs associated with hosting the film festival and to meet the “membership” requirements of our film society. So, where then does the money from these ticket sales go…?

All ticket proceeds will go directly towards making the best damned Cinemafantastique 3 we possibly can, which includes on-site vendors and special guests. The Cinemafantastique Film Festival is a non-profit organization, so all financing goes directly into the festival itself, including the venue costs and rentals. Since we are strongly committed to keeping our online submission fees as low as possible for independent filmmakers, the majority of our festival’s funding comes directly from your donations to this campaign!

Continuing our platform of sexy, cerebral, funny, and erotic genre films, we are extremely pleased to be able to present a widely international genre film programme this year, with films from Italy, France, England, Spain, Poland, Canada, New Zealand, Columbia, Norway, and the USA. As with last year’s amazing lineup, this year the lineup is also pretty effin’ special and once again you’ll walk away wide-eyed and starry-brained from all of the genre awesomeness you’re going to take in throughout the day, we guarantee it. Again.

The doors will open at 11:00 AM on August 26th and we’ll be screening thirteen hours of sexy, weird, disturbing, funny, and horrifying shorts and feature films from around the world; including some special guests appearing for a little Q&A and a meet-and-greet.

The Feature Films:

Reveries of a Solitary Walker

Who’s Watching Oliver

Pool Party Massacre*

Picture of Beauty

The Short Films

The Barber’s Cut
Bun in the Oven*
Don’t Fuck with England
La Folía
Hell Haunt*
The Other Side of the Witching Hour – (Canadian Premiere!)
Please Love Me Forever
Ready to Burst*
The Room
Stick to Your Gun

The Guests

So far, our lineup of special guests appearing at Cinemafantastique 3 are:

*Drew Maverick (director, Pool Party Massacre),
*Magan Wiles (actress, Bun in the Oven),
*Jono Freedrix (director, Bun in the Oven),
*Richard Lukas (director, Hell Haunt),
*Samantha Lukas (actress, Hell Haunt),
*David Aboussafy (producer, Alphamem),
*Ariel Hansen (director, actress, Ready to Burst),

Plus more guests TBA!

The Judges & the Jury:

Yes, SURPRISE! — all films screening at Cinemafantastique 3 will be in competition! Judges will include Nadine L’Esperance, who’s films Out of My Skin and Granny Fuckers appeared at last year’s Cinemafantastique, and Paul Denis, who launched the “fan favourites” retro-screenings at Cineplex Odeon. More judges to be assigned soon…!

The Perks

Want to know more about the perks? Easy. This isn’t so much a donation campaign as it is a ticket pre-sale  campaign, and with each ticket (PERK) you get a totally fantastique bang for your buck. Each perk provides the aforementioned DISCOUNTED all-day pass ($15 – cheap!); or an all-day pass plus various pieces of cool swag (various pricing). Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. Nobody said we weren’t dirt cheap. And easy.

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