Congratulations to the winners!!

We had another great selection of films for Cinemafantastique 5. Here are the winners chosen by this year’s judges; Nadine L’Esperance, Paul Denis and Josh Pasnak. Congratulations to all the filmmakers, we are looking forward to what you do next!!


Anonymous Animals (Les animaux anonymes) Directed by: Baptiste Rouveure – France

Anonymous Animals (Les animaux anonymes) – (Feature Film) – Directed by: Baptiste Rouveure – France

Starring: Thierry Marcos, Aurélien Chilarski , Pauline Guilpain , Emilien Lavaut

The balance of power between man and animal is reversed. In a remote countryside, any encounter with the dominant can become hostile.


Directed by: Ariel Hansen – Canada

Nepenthes  – Directed by: Ariel Hansen – Canada

Starring: Ariel Slack

Max is desperate to make a meaningful connection, but when she decides to meet an online dating match at home she gets herself into a painfully sticky situation.


Directed by: Jon Flahr and Benjamin Schuetze – Canada

DELETED – Directed by: Jon Flahr and Benjamin Schuetze – Canada

Starring: Fraser Amyott, Carolyn Irwin, Adam Green, Jon Flahr, Benjamin Schuetze, Leo Hynes, Mike Laing, Sarah Devlin, Matt Hayashi, Adam Green, Geoff Livingston, Jeanne Nicolas-Sutter, Ira Hardy, Ashley Glover

You know those emails from the 90’s? The classic chain mail that promises everyone you love will die if you don’t forward it to 15 people within 24 hours…? This is the story of one such email.


Directed by: Ryan Irving – Canada

Bark – Directed by: Ryan irving – Canada

Starring: Ryan Irving, Anna Barker, Keith Kollee, Alexia Levigne

Two women desperately try to escape a stalking axe murderer through a city park. Unfortunately for them their only eye witness isn’t human… and he’s completely useless.


Look Twice
Directed by: Kyle Wilson – USA

Look Twice – Directed by: Kyle Wilson – USA

Starring: Darren Lee Campbell, Rick Montgomery Jr., Troy James

A night surveillance security guard spots a trespasser on the property; then regrets grabbing their attention once he realizes the intruder is paranormal.


Bloodsucker’s Planet
Directed by: Mark Beal – USA

Bloodsucker’s Planet – (Feature Film) – Directed by: Mark Beal – USA

Starring: Joel Jeremy Herrera, Jessica Bell, Joe Grisaffi, Leni Mex, Adrienne Dobson, Allen Menefee, Logan Hooks, Catalina Querida, Charles Pitman, Cory W. Ahre

In this ’60s retro prequel to the bizarro-noir Bloodsucker’s Handbook, Bloodsucker’s Planet follows the crew of the space ship Argosy as they respond to a distress signal from the industrial Planet Mara only to discover the planet is ruled by the sinister Mother Vampire. 


Playtime’s Over
Directed by: Tony Reames – USA

Playtime’s Over – Directed by: Tony Reames – USA

Starring: Haley Leary, Evan Reames

The only thing Dee loves more than classic horror movies is terrorizing the babysitter. It’s New Years Eve, Dee’s parents are looking forward to one of the rare nights without their angel. Little does Laurie, the new babysitter know, the fifty bucks an hour won’t cover the years of therapy needed after spending one night with Dee and her stuffed friends.



Here’s the list of our LIVE and PRE-RECORDED times for our filmmaker Q and A’s!! **Please note the Live Presentations will be on our main facebook page  NOT on our event page, because FB/or us are stupid and could not get it to work** If you like and follow our page you should be notified when we go live. Don’t worry if you miss the live broadcast as it will be available on both our main and event page to watch later that day, as well as our Darkside Video YouTube page next week.


1PM (PDT): Matt Storc – PRE-RECORDED (Director of Take Back the Knife)

1:30PM (PDT): Emi Electra and Amber Anne – LIVE (Director and Lead Actor of SOMATIKA) 

2PM (PDT): Marcella C. De Finis – LIVE (Director of Incredible Tale of the Spiritless Man)

2:30pm (PDT): Baptiste Rouveure – PRE-RECORDED (Director of anonymous animals)

3pm (PDT): #FilmedInBC with 6 filmmakers: LIVE

Carolyn Irwin and Jon Flahr (Producer and Director of Deleted)
Ariel Hansen – (Director of Nepenthes)
Sharai Rewels – (Director of Ramshackle Blues)
Chris Beaubien – (Director of Siren)
Topher Graham – (Director of Devil and I)

3:45pm (PDT): TBC – LIVE Our community partner Vancouver Short Film Festival. 

SUNDAY AUGUST 30th, 2020

12PM (PDT): Emmanuel Bonami – PRE-RECORDED ( Actor in French Blood 1. Mr. PIG)

12:30PM (PDT):
Ryan LaPlante and Tom McGee – LIVE ( Director and Producer of Don’t Sneeze)
Matt Parks – LIVE (Director of The Minister)

1PM (PDT): Ryan Irving LIVE – (Director of Bark)

1:30PM (PDT): William Davis and Kyle Wilson – LIVE ( Producer and Director of Look Twice)

2PM (PDT): Tony Reames – LIVE (Director of Playtime’s Over)

2:30PM (PDT): Mark Beal – LIVE (Director of Bloodsucker’s Planet)


Best Feature Film
Best Short film
Best BC Film
Best Horror Film
Best Horror Comedy Film
Most Fantastique Film
Director’s Choice Film