Cinemafantastique 5 – BLOCK3 #WeLoveGenreFilm

Audiences will have until Monday to stream Cinemafantastique 5, and all “Blocks” can be paused & restarted during the entire weekend, should you want to break off and view or participate any of the LIVE Q&As and DIRECTOR INTERVIEWS happening all weekend on our Facebook Page:

On the flipside, the LIVE PORTIONS will be kept posted on our FB page for the weekend as well, so you can view them at any time.

All film presentations are 18+ only.

Cinemafantastique 5 – Vancouver-based film fest focusing on wild genre films! BLOCK 3: #WeLoveGenreFilm – A selection of Canadian and International Shorts & Features that celebrate genre films, sometimes bending and twisting the genres to the breaking point!

FEATURE FILM PRESENTATIONS: Bloodsucker’s Planet – (Feature Film) – Directed by: Mark Beal – USA
French Blood 1 – Mr. PIG – (Feature Film) – Directed by: Rodolphe Bonnet – France

Cinemafantastique 5 FREE Ticketing is now open for registration!

Please go to our Event Page Aug.29-30 for Live Stream Q&As and Awards!

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