Cinemafantastique’s 13-Hour Horror Film Festival on Saturday, October 24th!

Hello, Shivers Film Society Members! Embarking on Halloween, we’ve cooked up something awesome for horror fans this October!

Cinemafantastique presents 13 Hours of Vampires, Psychos, Killer Machines, Bugs, Chainsaws, Eyeballs, Giallo, and general friggin’ mayhem! Want to know what films we’re playing? Tough beans. BUT, there will be prizes for anyone who can guess (or come close to guessing) the running theme, plus other trivia prizes, and a very special trailer reel, and tons of horror movie fun! And possibly beer. Actually, definitely beer. All films are classic cult/horror from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

October 24th (Saturday) at the Norm Theatre!

Netherworld Collectible will also have an ON-SITE HORROR STORE that evening — PLUS, there will be t-shirts and indie horror DVDs and blu-rays available all day long!

Come and join us, Oct. 24th!



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