Got giallo…?

Giallo fever this summer at Cinemafantastique:

Brivido Giallo’s GLASS will be making its world premiere on the opening night of Cinemafantastique Friday, July 10th — Brivido Giallo is an independent production company that was started in the UK and Italy in 2011. Their first film, Reversed, has screened theatrically in London, Milan, Rome, and Vancouver, and will also be making return screenings at the Rome Independent Film Fest and Cinemafantastique later this year. GLASS is the second neo-giallo/experimental/erotic/thriller in the production company’s planned trilogy.

Renaud Gauthier’s DISCOPATH, the amazing, bloody and clever neo-giallo from Quebec, will be making its Vancouver premiere at Cinemafantastique this summer – Sunday, July 12th!


(with MEGAPASSES only available online at our Indiegogo campaign)

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