Viggo Mortensen says — go see Cronenberg’s final four!

stills_eastern_promises  So I guess you’d better hit it! FROM WITHIN, the David Cronenberg retrospective, wraps up its final week at the Cinematheque, showcasing the hit-and-miss last four films of the celebrated and always interesting Canadian auteur. My personal favorite of this most recent time period, A History of Violence, which is a somewhat artistic meditation on the applications and results of violence, and violence in the psychology of people, is given a second screening this Wednesday — for those of you who missed it on Sunday. Eastern Promises is a good follow-up in this arena of psychology and violence, while Cosmopolis, the director’s latest, is a meditation on progress and society through the drolly satirical POV of Robert “Twilight” Pattinson — billed as an “apocalyptic satire”, it might really only be the apocalypse of some rich yuppie’s mind. Intriguing, nonetheless. Even though I didn’t quite like this film when I saw it last year, I’m oddly compelled to watch it again. Strange.

FROM WITHIN closes on May 2nd.


6:30 pm Eastern Promises.


6:30 pm A History of Violence.

8:25 pm Eastern Promises.


6:30 pm A Dangerous Method.

8:25 pm Cosmopolis.

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