A little neo-surrealism for you this week at The Cinematheque…

banner_existenzContinuing the Cronenberg retrospective FROM WITHIN, The Cinematheque begins showing the films from the second half of this celebrated auteur’s career on Wednesday. This week, you can see three of Cronenberg’s works as he moves his artistry deeper into the realm of neo-surrealism, with the psychological Spider, the physical-psychological eXistenZ, and the purely physical (yet haunting) Crash. (And to delve more into the neo-surrealism of the film Crash you could do worse with your time than to read the insightful BFI Modern Classics: Crash, by Iain Sinclair… Or you could just go see the movie! Playing this Thursday/Friday – see theCinematheque.ca for further details).

banner_crash2WEDNESDAY the 23rd

Spider 6:30 pm

eXistenZ 8:30 pm

THURSDAY the 24th

Crash 6:30 pm

Spider 8:30 pm

FRIDAY the 25th

Crash 8:20 pm

SATURDAY the 26th

eXistenZ 6:30 pm

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