It’s all about the classic-cult Cronenberg this weekend as FROM WITHIN continues at The Cinematheque…

scan1“All right. We’re gonna do this the scanner way. I’m gonna suck your brain dry!” -Darryl Revok (aka Michael Ironside).

So, will you be joining us for the likes of The Brood and/or Scanners at what’s surely to be the most surreal horror/sci-fi double feature this side of Naked Lunch? The Cinematheque continues their David Cronenberg retrospective featuring films from his horror, sci-fi and Stephen King era (1979-1983) this Friday night straight on ’til Monday. We’d also like to congratulate our Cronenberg contest winner, as he & his guest will be going to see Videodrome tonight courtesy of The Cinematheque and us (Shivers Film Society). Nice work on that one!

This will be the last weekend (!!!) to see any of Cronenberg’s early original works on the big screen. (Although The Dead Zone will have repeat screenings later next week).

I wonder if Louis Del Grande is going to be Seeing Things… Eh…?

Showtimes FRIDAY:

Videodrome – 6:30 pm – April 11th

The Brood – 8:20 pm – April 11th

Showtimes SATURDAY:

The Brood – 6:30 pm – April 12th

Scanners – 8:30 pm – April 12th

Showtimes SUNDAY:

Scanners – 6:30 pm – April 13th

The Dead Zone – 8:30 pm – April 13th

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