David Cronenberg keeps some Fast Company with John Saxon & Claudia Jennings

fastcompany_shot3lIn a bold and strange move for our Canadian film director, somewhere between his bloody, cerebral & body horror opuses Rabid, The Brood, and Scanners, he went for shooting a drag-racing picture in Edmonton with cult star John Saxon (Enter the Dragon) and the late Playboy model and Roger Corman favourite Claudia Jennings (Gator Bait, The Great Texas Dynamite Chase). Nicholas Campbell (The Dead Zone, DaVinci’s Inquest) also pops up in the film – but I suppose that’s not much of a surprise as he pops up in most things Canadian. While Cronenberg envisioned Fast Company as a somewhat modern western, it plays more satisfactorily as a cult movie curio. Just go on with it and enjoy! Possibly one of Cronenber’s more underrated movies – but without a doubt the most neglected.

Fast Company starts this Wednesday at the Cinematheque in Vancouver.

fast-company-affiche_309356_10049Fast Company: April 9th – 6:30pm (Wed)

Shivers: April 9th – 8:20pm (Wed)

Shivers: April 10th – 6:30pm (Thurs)

Fast Company: April 10th – 8:15pm (Thurs)

Videodrome: April 11th – 6:30pm (Fri)

The Brood: April 11th – 8:20pm (Fri)

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