Refreshments, Debbie Harry, and one of the best Canadian films ever…!

stills_Videodrome …what more could one ask for? Of course, we’re talking about the OPENING NIGHT of the Cronenberg Retrospective FROM WITHIN at The Cinematheque on April 3rd – featuring the screening of the brand new director-approved cut & 35mm print of Videodrome! And of course, I was kidding – Videodrome is the BEST Canadian film ever made! Do you disagree? Well, good, because this month you’ll have a chance to win a free double-pass to the Cronenberg screening of your choice, just by telling us which one is YOUR favourite! We will be posting this contest on our Facebook Page soon (not yet, don’t send us Emails yet! But it will be open this week) so please keep your eyes open. Long live the new flesh!


For more cool information go to The Cinematheque

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