Cronenberg Retrospective this April in Vancouver!

Cover_IssueNow here’s some exciting new… our good friends at The Cinematheque in Vancouver are hosting the touring David Cronenberg retrospective (thanks to the TIFF for curating this), which will include brand new 35mm or digital prints of 20 film from this Canadian virtuoso’s five-decade career! This month-long event launches April 3rd with a brand new Cronenberg-approved EDIT of his 1983 masterpiece Videodrome projecting from a new 35mm film print. If anyone (besides me) saw one of the longer Videodrome cuts airing on A&E twenty or so years ago, we might remember a few of the extended scenes… who wants to take a guess as to what we’ll be seeing in the restored 5 minutes within this cut? Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m hoping to see the original opening credit sequence.

stills_VideodromeDrinks will be in attendance on this opening night, as will our good friend Ernest Mathijs, to introduce not just his favourite Cronenberg film – but his favourite film of all time! For me, it’s up there in my top five of all time.

More updates to come… And of course, please keep up with dates/times and info right from the source:


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