Yesterday saw the first CandaDrome event at the Pacific Cinematheque.

What an amazing all-dayer, with friends, filmmakers, and a whole array of folks new to the Shivers Film Society in Vancouver. Seeing all the films up on the big screen – Jennifer Campbell’s Hike, Kody Zimmermann’s vampire flick The Familiar, Thomas Newman’s Bong of the Dead (pretty self-explanatory) and Vincenzo Natali’s Canadian cult opus Cube, along with the awesome filmmakers’ Q&A, made for a pretty amazing day. We did get enough people in the door to break even, so we at the Shivers Film Society were thankful for that.

We’ve got three more events lined up over the next month, and if we’re going to continue the new tradition, we need some butts in seats. Come on out to the next one, our first SECRET DOUBLE FEATURE, on Tuesday, February 5th, 7pm at the Pacific Cinematheque – featuring David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive! Cheap brewskis / vino – come and celebrate film with us! And keep us going!

Very truly,

The Shivers Film Society.

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