A couple more this week in London, UK…

…Starting with Filmbar 70’s A Very British Apocalypse…

Tuesday 28 August | 7.00pm | £5  
Filmbar70 presents A Very British Apocalypse: NO BLADE OF GRASS/THREADS
Roxy Bar & Screen | 128-132 Borough High Street, London | SE1 1LB

More info…

Societies are sundered and man becomes animal in a double bill that celebrates Britain’s despairing take on the art of collapse. From the colonial crises of H. G. Wells to the transformed landscapes of J. G. Ballard, our parables have been saturated by the impending doom of imminent catastrophe. Filmbar70 presents two visions infused by the sensibility of the kitchen sink – the ‘70s eco plight of NO BLADE OF GRASS and the ‘80s nuked nightmare of THREADS, the most horrific vision of radioactive desolation put to screen.

So, make yourself comfy and welcome to a world where the remnants of civilisation have been swept aside and man competes in the savage wasteland of his own making. Just keep telling yourself “this could never really happen…”

And the following day, VTSS has an Ozploitation double-header!

Wednesday 29 August | 7.00pm | £6  
Roxy Bar and Screen | 128-132 Borough High Street, London | SE1 1LB

More info…

VTSS. present the psychotic sounds of Australian Genre Film – a double bill of noisy innovation in Terry Bourke’s NIGHT OF FEAR (1972) & Rolf de Heer’s notorious BAD BOY BUBBY.
The re-appraisal of alternative Australian cinema does more than celebrate the home spun, handmade aesthetic of the exploitation film – it tells us something about the way staple genres are appropriated and re-interpreted by filmmakers at the mercy of their environment. But Australian genre movies aren’t exclusively concerned with the visual depiction of their unique landscapes. The sound of Australia, natural and man made, helps us map out the cinematic terrain too.
Syd Butterworth’s experiments in soundscapes subsume the spoken word in NIGHT OF FEAR and in BAD BOY BUBBY, binaural trickery is used to depict Nicholas Hope’s unforgettable introduction to the “real” world for the first time…
Oz cinema is so much more than hi-octane stuntmen and girls in white petticoats… Join us at The Roxy Bar and Screen on Wednesday 29th August for the first of two events that encourage you to open your ears and experience the terrifying noise, and eerie silence, of life Down Under…
You can visit http://scalabeyond.com/ for more info and the full summer/fall schedule.

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