Cinema Saloon to resume in October… Shivers Film Fest to launch in Vancouver

I wish we could just juggle every possible thing to make the August programming for Cinema Saloon happen, but alas, there is just not enough time we can cram into the second half of summer. The Cinema Saloon will resume in full in October at the Rickshaw in Vancouver, meanwhile…

The Shivers Film Society will be focusing on creating the follow-up to “The Influence of the Canadian Tax Shelter” film fest that went on in London, UK just this past May. This would mark the official launch of the Shivers Film Fest in Vancouver, and in Canada, for that matter. We’ll have the programming nearing finalization by the end of August, please stay tuned for future details. We do know that the Shivers Film Fest in Vancouver will offer a taste of Cronenberg, a few more surprises from the infamous Tax Shelter Period, and some killer Canadian indie genre films like Thomas Newman’s kick-ass Bong of the Dead and Jennifer Campbell’s short flick Hike.

And yes, submissions are open to Canadian genre filmmakers (all lengths accepted).

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