Something a little different this summer…

Starting July 5th, SHIVERS FILM SOCIETY will be doing a world cult film series at The Rickshaw Theatre every Thursday all summer – well, almost every Thursday — in Vancouver, BC.  Yes, you can have a brewski with your films. Yes, you have to be over 19 to get in. And yes, there is a deal for film students with valid student ID. We’ll be going all July and August — and as SHIVERS is a non-profit organization, the monies this time around will be supporting Canadian distributors.

Don’t worry, SHIVERS has not forgotten about all the awesome Canadian films out there, we’ll be picking up the homegrown programming this fall in Vancouver, and hopefully in London again. But for now, while we get our feet planted, why not enjoy some summer awesomeness with us at the historical Rickshaw?

PS: Also because we’re non-profit, you will have to purchase a once-a-year membership at the door for two bucks (one buck for students). But it’s going to a good cause.

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