The price of the membership is (per person):  $2 general / annual. When you purchase your tickets at the door(s), our $2 Membership will be offered at the box office. (Please note that you will not be able to attend the film screenings without the memberships, in accordance with BC laws and the legislation of the BC Consumer Protection Society)*



A $2 membership on top of the box office ticket sales? Why is this? Why all the confusion? Well, please allow us to explain…6046425778_1231ca22e3_o

When showing films in British Columbia, Canada (so, obviously, this does not apply to other provinces or to the European screenings), we have an agency here called the B.C. Consumer Protection Agency/Society. This is a self-appointed non-profit organization that decides what rating should be allocated to each feature film before it can be seen by the public (in B.C.). In fact, these guys invented that iconic “restricted” black-cat logo back in the early seventies. Anyway, in order for someone (a theatre, programmers, etc.) to exhibit films they must either:

a) have them rated before each screening at a cost of 100 – 150 bucks per film, or;

b) have a government-registered non-profit society that charges people to become “Members” on an annual basis and therefor can bypass this expense/consumer legality and show films to their members – any film – provided all of their members are over 18 years of age.

Obviously, we’ve gone for option B.

–Do I have to buy a membership each time I want to see a film?

No. Membership cards are dated and are good for one full year for ANY of our events event, regardless of the venue, within British Columbia.

–What if I’m already a member of the Pacific Cinematheque / Vancity Film Centre? Do I still need a membership card?

Yes, you need to be a member of the Cinemafantastique Film Fest for these events; we are technically hosting, the theatre is just the provided venue.

–What if I forgot my Cinemafantastique membership card?

Unfortunately, if you’ve left the apartment in a hurry with your Cinemafantastique membership card sitting on the edge of the bathroom counter, then yes, you will have to purchase a second membership card.

–Can I lend the card to my friend?

Technically, no.  We leave it up to you to fill in the proper name on the card.

And remember, we are in fact a non-profit film society, which means that the more memberships we get, the longer we can continue to put on these screenings for students, cinephiles, and the general public. Plus, we always appreciate the support. Support for us translates to support for local filmmakers and community cinemas through the memberships and ticket sales — so please, come on out and watch some cool films!

*And if your membership was included with any of our online ticket sales, then you needn’t worry — your Cinemafantastique Membership Card will be waiting for you at the venue when you arrive. Promise!

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