Cinemafantastique 5 – BLOCK 1 “Social Horror”

Audiences will have until Monday to stream Cinemafantastique 5, and all “Blocks” can be paused & restarted during the entire weekend, should you want to break off and view or participate any of the LIVE Q&As and DIRECTOR INTERVIEWS happening all weekend on our Facebook Page:

On the flipside, the LIVE PORTIONS will be kept posted on our FB page for the weekend as well, so you can view them at any time.

All film presentations are 18+ only.

Cinemafantastique 5 – Vancouver-based film fest focusing on wild genre films! BLOCK 1: “Social Horror” – International Shorts & Features that spin the horror genre in the direction of dark social and cultural exploration and satire. FEATURE FILM PRESENTATION: Anonymous Animals – Directed by: Baptiste Rouveure – France



Here’s the list of our LIVE and PRE-RECORDED times for our filmmaker Q and A’s!! **Please note the Live Presentations will be on our main facebook page  NOT on our event page, because FB/or us are stupid and could not get it to work** If you like and follow our page you should be notified when we go live. Don’t worry if you miss the live broadcast as it will be available on both our main and event page to watch later that day, as well as our Darkside Video YouTube page next week.


1PM (PDT): Matt Storc – PRE-RECORDED (Director of Take Back the Knife)

1:30PM (PDT): Emi Electra and Amber Anne – LIVE (Director and Lead Actor of SOMATIKA) 

2PM (PDT): Marcella C. De Finis – LIVE (Director of Incredible Tale of the Spiritless Man)

2:30pm (PDT): Baptiste Rouveure – PRE-RECORDED (Director of anonymous animals)

3pm (PDT): #FilmedInBC with 6 filmmakers: LIVE

Carolyn Irwin and Jon Flahr (Producer and Director of Deleted)
Ariel Hansen – (Director of Nepenthes)
Sharai Rewels – (Director of Ramshackle Blues)
Chris Beaubien – (Director of Siren)
Topher Graham – (Director of Devil and I)

3:45pm (PDT): TBC – LIVE Our community partner Vancouver Short Film Festival. 

SUNDAY AUGUST 30th, 2020

12PM (PDT): Emmanuel Bonami – PRE-RECORDED ( Actor in French Blood 1. Mr. PIG)

12:30PM (PDT):
Ryan LaPlante and Tom McGee – LIVE ( Director and Producer of Don’t Sneeze)
Matt Parks – LIVE (Director of The Minister)

1PM (PDT): Ryan Irving LIVE – (Director of Bark)

1:30PM (PDT): William Davis and Kyle Wilson – LIVE ( Producer and Director of Look Twice)

2PM (PDT): Tony Reames – LIVE (Director of Playtime’s Over)

2:30PM (PDT): Mark Beal – LIVE (Director of Bloodsucker’s Planet)


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Best Short film
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Director’s Choice Film

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Block #1 (Aug. 29th, 1:00PM PDT): “Social Horror”

Wrecked – Directed by: Mathieu Mortelmans – Belgium
Dolls of the Void – Directed by: Tavarna Caris Garvey – UK
Somatika – Directed by: Emi Electra – USA
Incredible Tale of the Spiritless Man – Directed by: Marcella C. De Finis – Brazil
Anonymous Animals – (Feature Film) – Directed by: Baptiste Rouveure – France

Block #2 (Aug. 29th, 4:00PM PDT): #FilmedinBC

DELETED – Directed by: Jon Flahr and Benjamin Schuetze – Canada
The Devil and I – Directed by: Christopher Graham – Canada
Cashed Out – Directed by: Michael Trainor – Canada
Nepenthes  – Directed by: Ariel Hansen – Canada|
Siren – Directed by: Christopher Beaubien – Canada
Ramshackle Blues – Directed by: Sharai Rewels – Canada

Block #3 (Aug. 30th, NOON, PDT): #WeLoveGenreFilm

Playtime’s Over – Directed by: Tony Reames – USA
Blink. – Directed by: Carlos J Matos – Spain
Bark – Directed by: Ryan irving – Canada
Don’t Sneeze – Directed by: Ryan LaPlante – Canada
Look Twice – Directed by: Kyle Wilson – USA
The Minister – Directed by: Matt Parks – Canada
Bloodsucker’s Planet – (Feature Film) – Directed by: Mark Beal – USA
French Blood 1 – Mr. PIG – (Feature Film) – Directed by: Rodolphe Bonnet – France

Cinemafantastique 5 Line-up

Feature Films

anonymous animals (Les animaux anonymes) | Runtime: 1hr 4min.
Country: FRANCE
Written & Directed by: Baptiste Rouveure
Starring: Thierry Marcos, Aurélien Chilarski , Pauline Guilpain , Emilien Lavaut

produced by: anonymous animals films

The balance of power between man and animal is reversed.
In a remote countryside, any encounter with the dominant can become hostile.

CF5 anonymous animals – trailer from Darkside Releasing on Vimeo.

Bloodsucker’s Planet | Runtime: 1hr 7min.
Country: USA
Written & Directed by: Mark Beal
Starring: Joel Jeremy Herrera, Jessica Bell, Joe Grisaffi, Leni Mex, Adrienne Dobson, Allen Menefee, Logan Hooks, Catalina Querida, Charles Pitman, Cory W. Ahre

produced by: Mark Beal

In this ’60s retro prequel to the bizarro-noir Bloodsucker’s Handbook, Bloodsucker’s Planet follows the crew of the space ship Argosy as they respond to a distress signal from the industrial Planet Mara only to discover the planet is ruled by the sinister Mother Vampire. Along the way, they encounter disease-carrying Mara bats, a talking space roach, and Adrianna, the gynoid whose developing self-awareness is aided by her collection of vintage romance comics.

French Blood 1 – Mr. Pig | Runtime: 1hr 21min.
Country: FRANCE
Written & Directed by: Rodolphe Bonnet
Starring: Leslie Carles, Emmanuel Bonami, Sophie Chamoux, Yannick Laurent, Guilhem Tigny

produced by: Contrepoint Production / Cedric Bellut

FRENCH BLOOD is the first anthology horror films franchise ever
produced in France. FRENCH BLOOD will be presented in ten chapters, ten 80 minute-long films. It tells the story of a woman who was raped and left for dead by a gang of five men hiding behind masks: Mr. Pig, Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Frog, Mr. Sheep and Mr. Wolf. Now she’s the one to take up the mask and her revenge…This is the thread that leads from one movie to the other: HER revenge. In the first five chapters, she finds each one of her five abusers, and so wearing her mask she lets her anger and hurt loose. Every chapter of FRENCH BLOOD includes three to four short films, all of them dealing with the single storyline of the main character. It is neither necessary to watch the films in any specific order, nor to watch them all to understand what’s going on. For those who want to take the long ride, each feature film has to be considered as one piece in the puzzle.

Mid-length Films

Incredible Tale of the Spiritless Man (A Incrível História do Homem Desalmado) | Runtime: 29min.
Country: BRAZIL
Written & Directed by: Marcella C. De Finis
Starring: Joana Caetano, Tarcius Guedes, Rebeca Pieroni, Leidiane Marcelino, Vilma Melo, Flávia Espírito-Santo, Aníbal Trindade, Sophie Saphirah

produced by: Sergio Magraner, Guinevere Gaspari, Thereza Levenhagen

It’s true that he wasn’t aware of it yet, but when Julio woke up that morning, he was already spiritless. Bruna, the clever lady from the department store, on the other side, knew at the moment she laid eyes on him what was going on. Across town, it was already nighttime when a handful of lost spirits met in a pub, and a little girl just wanted to go back home. Somewhere between those places, a gypsy was waiting for the arrival of her niece accompanied by a spiritless man.

Siren | Runtime: 16 min.
Country: CANADA (BC Local)
Written & Directed by: Christopher Beaubien
Starring: Dalit Holzman, Erin Morgan, Eryka Alanna, Madison Isolina

produced by: Noah Penner, Christopher Beaubien

Driving on a highway late at night, distracted driver April (Dalit Holzman) and her combative lover Brooke (Erin Morgan) are pulled over for speeding by two sinister police officers (Eryka Alanna and Madison Isolina). During a strange and increasingly frightening interrogation, the two women find themselves under the power of a supernatural force that changes everything they ever knew about themselves… and each other.

Somatika | Runtime: 29 min.
Country: USA
Written & Directed by: Emi Electra
Starring: Amber Anne, Lance Waithe, Michaela Pace, Theo Kemp, Louis Tomani, Hunter Andrews

produced by: Emi Electra

Nera, a young artist/ sex worker with chronic nightmares, visits a sleep clinic in search of treatment – only to find herself trapped in a dark underworld of ritual “therapy” and abuse.

Short Films

Bark | Runtime: 6 min.
Country: CANADA
Written & Directed by: Ryan irving
Starring: Ryan Irvi, Anna Barker, Keith Kollee, Alexia Levigne

produced by: Ryan Irving

Two women desperately try to escape a stalking axe murderer through a city park. Unfortunately for them their only eye witness isn’t human… and he’s completely useless.

Blink | Runtime: 3 min.
Country: SPAIN
Written & Directed by: Carlos J Matos
Starring: Carolina Meijer, Christian Caner

produced by: Irene Montes

Darkness hides in all of us.

Cashed Out | Runtime: 12 min.
Country: CANADA
Written & Directed by: Michael Trainor
Starring: Ryan Robbins, Nicole Leier, Sharon Taylor, Tyler Burrows

produced by: Michael Trainor, Nicole G Leier, Brendan Uegama

A slew of questionable characters meet for an underground poker game; the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Deleted | Runtime: 5 min.
Country: CANADA (BC Local)
Written & Directed by: Jon Flahr, Benjamin Schuetze
Starring: Fraser Amyott, Carolyn Irwin, Adam Green, Jon Flahr, Benjamin Schuetze, Leo Hynes, Mike Laing, Sarah Devlin, Matt Hayashi, Adam Green, Geoff Livingston, Jeanne Nicolas-Sutter, Ira Hardy, Ashley Glover

produced by: Ashley Glover, Carolyn Irwin

You know those emails from the 90’s? The classic chain mail that promises everyone you love will die if you don’t forward it to 15 people within 24 hours…? This is the story of one such email.
A Vancouver video production office explodes in chaos and terror before your eyes as keyboards and paper cutters become lethal weapons and friends and coworkers become blood thirsty killers.

The Devil and I | Runtime: 9min.
Country: CANADA (BC Local)
Written & Directed by: Christopher Graham
Starring: Ariel Hansen, Jesse Inocalla, James Kingstone

produced by: Selena Raskin, Ariel Hansen

Set in 1845 Western Canada, the Devil and I follows Hannah as she finds herself making a dark deal to alleviate her feelings of heartbreak.

Dolls of the Void | Runtime: 8 min.
Country: UK
Written & Directed by: Tavarna Caris Garvey
Starring: Rachel lightfoot, Anna Moomin, Claudia Taylor, Tavarna Caris Garvey, Graveyard girl

produced by: Slime House

In this psychedelic melodrama, three desperate women attempt to fill the void inside themselves with lies, terror and treachery.
A Dazzling web of Drama! Decadence! and Death!

Don’t Sneeze | Runtime: 2 min.
Country: CANADA
Written & Directed by: Ryan LaPlante
Starring: Adam McNamara, Tom McGee

produced by: Ryan LaPlante, Tom McGee

Brian, a guy enjoying some “alone time”, sneezes at an inopportune moment and is shocked by the consequences.

Look Twice | Runtime: 8 min.
Country: USA
Directed by: Kyle Wilson
Written by: William Davis, Kyle Wilson
Starring: Darren Lee Campbell, Rick Montgomery Jr., Troy James

produced by: William Davis, Kyle Wilson

A night surveillance security guard spots a trespasser on the property; then regrets grabbing their attention once he realizes the intruder is paranormal.

The Minister | Runtime: 14 min.
Country: CANADA
Written & Directed by: Matt Parks
Starring: Matt Parks, James Mullinger, Shannon Parks, Rick Keleher, Kayla Hache, Eric Braun, John Forward

produced by: Shannon Parks, Rick Keleher, Eric Braun

In a futuristic 1999, a highly trained Vietnam veteran, now evangelical minister, goes on a mission of holy vengeance after his wife and child are brutally murdered.

Nepenthes | Runtime: 5 min.
Country: CANADA (BC Local)
Written & Directed by: Ariel Hansen
Starring: Ariel Slack

produced by: Selena Raskin, Christopher Graham

Max is desperate to make a meaningful connection, but when she decides to meet an online dating match at home she gets herself into a painfully sticky situation.

Playtime’s Over | Runtime: 11 min.
Country: USA
Directed by: Tony Reames
Written by: Todd Jacobs
Starring: Haley Leary, Evan Reames

produced by: Glenna Reames, Dion Liverpool, Ian Burke

The only thing Dee loves more than classic horror movies is terrorizing the babysitter. It’s New Years Eve, Dee’s parents are looking forward to one of the rare nights without their angel. Little does Laurie, the new babysitter know, the fifty bucks an hour won’t cover the years of therapy needed after spending one night with Dee and her stuffed friends.

Ramshackle Blues | Runtime: 12 min.
Country: CANADA (BC Local)
Written & Directed by: Sharai Rewels
Starring: Joel Dagenais, Nora Clarke, Mercedes Gendron, Louise Robinson

produced by: Sharai Rewels

Buckshot and Pearl are two serial killers on the run from the law, they are also in love. When they cross paths with a small town whore-house and its crazies, will their love be enough to save them from themselves?

Wrecked (Les Naufragés) | Runtime: 15 min.
Country: BELGIUM
Directed by: Mathieu Mortelmans
Written by: Cécile Delberghe
Starring: Cécile Delberghe, Babetida Sadjo

produced by: Paul Méranger et Giuseppe Conti

Amane is a lawyer. At a federal prison she questions Nina, who just started serving time. Each of them struggles with her own conscience and their meeting quickly takes an unexpected turn.

New Summer Announcements from #Cinemafantastique5 and @VSFF

Cinemafantastique 5’s amazing community partner, Vancouver Short Film Festival, announce that their SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN for the 2021 Vancouver Short Film Festival! Visit the VSFF Film Freeway for all the details. “Building ties between emerging and established professionals, and providing an arena where all short filmmakers, including students, can screen their films in public and support their fellow colleagues: Be a part of the Vancouver Short Film Festival and submit your film today! More at: …”

VSFF will be an active community partner and sponsor for #cinemafantasitique5 this August, sponsoring the local #FilmedinBC award and being directly involved in one of our live platforms during the Aug. 29/30 event.

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