Finnish Hillbilly Horror “Kyrsya-Tuftland” coming this week from Darkside Releasing!


Kyrsya-Tuftland Blu-ray Spine #6 ~ Feb. 19, 2019

In addition to the Valentine’s day release of UK’s Lonely Hearts, the Finnish Hillbilly Horror Kyrsya-Tuftland hits Blu-ray in Canada on Feb. 19th – from Vancouver’s Darkside Releasing!

Darkside Releasing is extremely proud to present this amazing backwoods art-house horror film to audiences across Canada this long weekend!”

And, if you happen to be in the Vancouver area on Saturday the 16th, you’ll have a chance to meet the Darkside Releasing crew and pickup early copies of Kyrsya-Tuftland and the re-issue of the erotic giallo Odissea della Morte starring Momona Komagata (Peelers), Tristan Risk (Rabid, Amazon Hot Box), Dan Ellis (Bloodshock) and Lynn Lowry (Shivers, The Crazies, Cat People) at Netherworld Collectibles in New Westminster – with special appearances by Tristan Risk and Mike Kovac (star of the zombie shoot-em-up Yesterday, also from Darkside Releasing).

“Join us for our first…

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Darkside Releasing at the EFM – and our 2019 Market Lineup! (So far…)


DARKSIDE RELEASING IS PROUD to be representing these new genre films for their European Film Market premiere, Feb 7th – 12th in Berlin! James Bickert’s Amazon Hot Box, Trash Arts’ and HB Films’ Lonely Hearts, Diana Galimzyanova’s Russian film noir The Lightest Darkness (the first Russian film noir by a female director), and the brain-shattering supernatural scare-fest The Black Forest aka “A Mata Negra”, one of the best feature films from last year’s Blood Window initiative in Argentina. Darkside Releasing will also be bringing a resurrection of Rob Grant’s 16mm zombie gore-a-thon Yesterday to the markets throughout 2019! We are truly excited to be premiering these titles in Berlin this year, and we’re looking forward to a very exciting 2019 with these amazing genre films – from #DarksideReleasing!

FIND US at the EFM this week in Berlin! or come directly to the Canadian Pavilion inside the MGB…

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Off the beaten path… Welcome to Kyrsya Tuftland.


NEW RELEASE! Here’s the official trailer for #darksidereleasing‘s upcoming release of Kyrsyä – Tuftland in Canada! (We are so pleased to be announcing our Collectors’ Edition #bluray and Canadian VOD release coming very soon!)  #BackwoodsHorror

Kyrsya~Tuftland made its Western Canadian premiere at our affiliated #Cinemafantastique genre film fest last summer, and Darkside Releasing was extremely excited to become involved in part of this film’s distribution network shortly thereafter!

Kyrsyä – Tuftland’ Is A Finnish Hillbilly Horror Movie—Need We Say More? —

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Upcoming Blu-ray releases from Darkside Releasing – Early 2019.


We at Darkside Releasing are extremely exciting about our first three upcoming genre film Blu-ray releases for 2019, featuring the Finnish Backwoods Horror flick, “Kyrsya – Tuftland”, the erotic horror psycho-reality-drama “Lonely Hearts”, and the definitive re-issue of the last of our neo-giallo trilogy, “Odissea della Morte”, featuring lead performances by cult icon Tristan Risk and Momona Komagata (2017’s “Peelers”) as well as a very special appearance by famed cult film actress Lynn Lowry (“Cat People”, “The Crazies”, “Shivers”).

All titles will be available by the end of February, 2019, and we are looking forward to bringing these exciting genre films to you via our new line of Collectors’ Series Blu-ray Editions!


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More love for Diana Galimzyanova’s “The Lightest Darkness”


26167533_904867093012734_7420524597522655020_n“THE LIGHTEST DARKNESS Is A Mysterious Russian Noir That Needs To Be Seen…” Diana Galimzyanova’s film gets more love this week from Movies In Focus — and a huge thanks to them for the fantastic review!
“…the whole piece feels like a wonderful amalgamation of Christopher Nolan’s first two films, Following and Memento.”

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