David Cronenberg keeps some Fast Company with John Saxon & Claudia Jennings

fastcompany_shot3lIn a bold and strange move for our Canadian film director, somewhere between his bloody, cerebral & body horror opuses Rabid, The Brood, and Scanners, he went for shooting a drag-racing picture in Edmonton with cult star John Saxon (Enter the Dragon) and the late Playboy model and Roger Corman favourite Claudia Jennings (Gator Bait, The Great Texas Dynamite Chase). Nicholas Campbell (The Dead Zone, DaVinci’s Inquest) also pops up in the film – but I suppose that’s not much of a surprise as he pops up in most things Canadian. While Cronenberg envisioned Fast Company as a somewhat modern western, it plays more satisfactorily as a cult movie curio. Just go on with it and enjoy! Possibly one of Cronenber’s more underrated movies – but without a doubt the most neglected.

Fast Company starts this Wednesday at the Cinematheque in Vancouver.

fast-company-affiche_309356_10049Fast Company: April 9th – 6:30pm (Wed)

Shivers: April 9th – 8:20pm (Wed)

Shivers: April 10th – 6:30pm (Thurs)

Fast Company: April 10th – 8:15pm (Thurs)

Videodrome: April 11th – 6:30pm (Fri)

The Brood: April 11th – 8:20pm (Fri)

FROM WITHIN… Early Cronenberg(s) this weekend: April 4-6.

photo(2)    cronenbergOpening night (last night) at the David Cronenberg retrospective was awesome! So good to see Videodrome on the big screen – but if you missed it, fear not, it repeats again at The Cinematheque on April 11th.*

But this weekend, some of the BEST early Cronenberg is on glorious display, featuring newly-struck 35mm prints – this Friday/Saturday our good friends at The Cinematheque are featuring a double-dose of the Baron of Blood (as he’s formerly and affectionately  known as)… His Canadian body-horror classics Shivers (aka They Came from Within) and Rabid – two of my all-time favourites!

April 4th:

6:30 pm: Shivers — 8:15 pm: Rabid

April 5th:

6:30 pm: Rabid — 8:20 pm: Shivers

* * *

And you might want to check out his early short films, including From the Drain, on Sunday, April 6th for more info on FROM WITHIN, have a gander at The Cinematheque.

*(Videodrome screens again at 6:30 pm on April 11th).


FROM WITHIN… Opening Night – Tonight! (April 3rd)

banner_Videodrome The battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena: the Videodrome…

We are so excited about the opening night tonight for the Cronenberg retrospective in Vancouver, at The Cinematheque! Tonight at 6:30 pm it all kicks off, with refreshments served in the lobby as part of the Opening Gala. UBC Film Studies professor Ernest Mathijs will be presenting a special introduction to the newly-restored, director approved, few-minutes-longer, brand-new 35mm print of Videodrome!

(Videodrome starts one our after opening, at 7:30 pm)

And if you missed our contest last week, then fear not… The Cinematheque has just posted a new chance to win a double-pass for TONIGHT on their Facebook Page go now!

Have you been hallucinating lately?

Harlan: No. Should I be?

Max Renn: Yes, you should be.

Refreshments, Debbie Harry, and one of the best Canadian films ever…!

stills_Videodrome …what more could one ask for? Of course, we’re talking about the OPENING NIGHT of the Cronenberg Retrospective FROM WITHIN at The Cinematheque on April 3rd – featuring the screening of the brand new director-approved cut & 35mm print of Videodrome! And of course, I was kidding – Videodrome is the BEST Canadian film ever made! Do you disagree? Well, good, because this month you’ll have a chance to win a free double-pass to the Cronenberg screening of your choice, just by telling us which one is YOUR favourite! We will be posting this contest on our Facebook Page soon (not yet, don’t send us Emails yet! But it will be open this week) so please keep your eyes open. Long live the new flesh!


For more cool information go to The Cinematheque

Cronenberg Retrospective this April in Vancouver!

Cover_IssueNow here’s some exciting new… our good friends at The Cinematheque in Vancouver are hosting the touring David Cronenberg retrospective (thanks to the TIFF for curating this), which will include brand new 35mm or digital prints of 20 film from this Canadian virtuoso’s five-decade career! This month-long event launches April 3rd with a brand new Cronenberg-approved EDIT of his 1983 masterpiece Videodrome projecting from a new 35mm film print. If anyone (besides me) saw one of the longer Videodrome cuts airing on A&E twenty or so years ago, we might remember a few of the extended scenes… who wants to take a guess as to what we’ll be seeing in the restored 5 minutes within this cut? Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m hoping to see the original opening credit sequence.

stills_VideodromeDrinks will be in attendance on this opening night, as will our good friend Ernest Mathijs, to introduce not just his favourite Cronenberg film – but his favourite film of all time! For me, it’s up there in my top five of all time.

More updates to come… And of course, please keep up with dates/times and info right from the source: thecinematheque.ca