“Scalarama” & the 13-Hour Horror Film Fest coming up September & October 2015

Well, we’re still winding down from this summer’s amazing Cinemafantastique fest and Vancouver’s first-ever Tromafest! But there’s more in store as we roll into the Autumn months…

Shivers Film Society is partnering with Scalarama in the UK (sponsored by the BFI) to bring a little John Waters love to the big screen. This September, the BFI and Scalarama are launching a huge John Waters 50th filmmaking anniversary retrospective. Yes, the mad genius has been making films for fifty years now! As part of this celebration, the Shivers Film Society will be presenting a Scalarama screening of John Water’s Cecil B. Demented double-billed with Troma’s Terror Firmer (directed by Lloyd Kaufman) in a night celebrating anarchy in filmmaking! Sunday, September 13th, 7:00 pm at the Norm Theatre (UBC).



Following this, in October, Cinemafantastique presents it’s first annual 13-Hour Horror Film Fest! Saturday, October 24th, starting at 11:00 am, the day will be loaded with Vampires, Bugs, Psycho Killers, Killer Machines, Giallo, Razor Blades, Hacksaws, and General Mayhem. There will be at least 6 feature films running all day, all cult/horror classics, but the catch is… we’re not going to say which films you’ll get to see on the big screen! You can guess all you want… and if you’re right, you might even get some trivia prizes! It’s going to be a fun day of horror, a few laughs, some surprises and a little trivia with some giveaways! At the Norm Theatre (UBC), Oct. 24, 11:00 am – midnight.




Scalarama 2014 – This September

A huge thank you to all of our members who came out and joined us for CanadaDrome 4 & 5 this summer at The Cinematheque in Vancouver! Coming up we’re doing a month of very, very intimate (i.e. small and extremely limited) pop-up screening in conjunction with the UK’s and BFI’s Scalarama season. Sept. 3rd to 24th we’ll be showing a spy/noir thriller every Wednesday evening in the West End (at the Cardero Bottega in Vancouver). We’d also like to shout out the Cardero Bottega as one of our phenomenal sponsors.

If interested, the official Scalarama listing of the Shivers Film Society can be found here:


A little neo-surrealism for you this week at The Cinematheque…

banner_existenzContinuing the Cronenberg retrospective FROM WITHIN, The Cinematheque begins showing the films from the second half of this celebrated auteur’s career on Wednesday. This week, you can see three of Cronenberg’s works as he moves his artistry deeper into the realm of neo-surrealism, with the psychological Spider, the physical-psychological eXistenZ, and the purely physical (yet haunting) Crash. (And to delve more into the neo-surrealism of the film Crash you could do worse with your time than to read the insightful BFI Modern Classics: Crash, by Iain Sinclair… Or you could just go see the movie! Playing this Thursday/Friday – see theCinematheque.ca for further details).

banner_crash2WEDNESDAY the 23rd

Spider 6:30 pm

eXistenZ 8:30 pm

THURSDAY the 24th

Crash 6:30 pm

Spider 8:30 pm

FRIDAY the 25th

Crash 8:20 pm

SATURDAY the 26th

eXistenZ 6:30 pm

Final week of “UNCUT” screenings at the BFI…

This is the last week of the “UNCUT” programming at the BFI in London. Check it out, screenings of Irreversable, This is England, and Robert Aldrich’s The Killing of Sister George. You might want to book online now, some of these screenings are nearly sold out already. Have fun! Wish I were there…

Don’t forget, “The Devils” Director’s Cut at the BFI this week…

This week as the BFI rolls out their “Uncut” programming…


Nov. 9th: Ken Russell’s The Devils (the full director’s cut)

Nov. 10th: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom



Nov. 11th:  Sick – The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist

Nov. 13th: Enter the Dragon (sweet!)