New guest added to NCFD panel – APRIL 20th

We are VERY pleased to announce the addition of special guest Tristan Risk to our amazing panel line-up for the Q&A/Schmooze before and after our NCFD event with Women in Film & Television Vancouver APRIL 20 (7:00pm) at the NORM THEATRE – DOORS @ 6:00pm!


Join us for a CINEMAFANTASTIQUE pre-festival event in Vancouver!

Katja De Bock from Women in Film & Television Vancouver
Gigi Saul Guerrero from Luchagore Productions
Actor/Filmmaker Ariel Hansen
Filmmaker Carolyn Williams Makeup
Filmmaker Copland from Shivers Film Society
Plus the OFFICIAL LIST OF 13 genre shorts screening that night!
1. COWBOY KILL CLUB (by Jessica Parsons)
2. EGO NOXA (by Mercedes Coyle)
3. HALLOW (by Leigh Powis)
4. COTARD (by Kaz Nakajima)
5. NIGHT TERROR (by Melanie Coleman)
6. MADRE DE DIOS (by Gigi Saul Guerrero / Luchagore Productions)
7. O NEGATIVE (by Gigi Saul Guerrero / Luchagore Productions)
8. BRUISED (by Jennifer Campbell)
9. ARMS (by Carolyn Williams)
10. S.I.D.S. (by Turner Stewart/dir. & Dionne Copland/producer)
11. DON’T LOOK DOWN (by Dionne Copland)
12. (SECRET FILM – don’t worry, you’ll totally dig it!)
13. DEMONS IN THE DARK (by Jason William Lee/dir. & Dalj Brar/producer)
Join us for a spectacular 4/20!

More amazing genre films at NCFD! April 20th!

Cinemafantastique Fest with Shivers Film Society and Women in Film & Television Vancouver co-present and celebrate this year’s NATIONAL CANADIAN FILM DAY together at the NORM THEATRE in VANCOUVER – April 20th, 7:00pm (DOORS @ 6:00pm) with an amazing slate of Canadian genre films rooted in horror with a sexy and darkly humorous edge. Women filmmakers abound this year, acting, producing, writing, and directing. Special guests TBA. Come and check out the follow-up to #VIWIFF2016’s dark genre programme and the precursor to this summer’s #Cinemafantastique Film Fest!
FILMMAKERS in attendance to engage in discussions and a meet & greet!

THE NORM THEATRE – 6138 Student Union Blvd #130, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1.

April 20th, 2016, 7:00 (Doors @ 6:00!)


Twitter: @ShiversFilm @FestFantastique


Sneak Preview for the upcoming VIWIFF

Local filmmaker Karen Lam’s short film Chiral follows an anxiety-ridden art dealer (Nelson Leis) who chases a thief (Vanessa Walsh) from his art gallery out into the night, only to come face to face with his doppelgänger. The narrative is a tense nightmarish odyssey, set against the backdrop of the gritty industrial alleyways of the Vancouver east side.

Lam’s use of intimate shaky-cam cinematography and a pulsing score heighten the lead character’s anxiety and places the audience inside his head as his uneasy night turns from routine to surreal. When the man confronts the thief at the story’s climax, the stressful tone reaches uncomfortable heights that will leave VIWIFF’s audience hanging at the edge of their seats.

Another great film from Karen Lam, Chiral is one of the many highlights in the “70% Dark” Genre Short Film Program that VIWIFF attendees will not soon forget.

Catch #Chiral on Friday March 11th at 4:00 PM at #VIWIFF2016.

(written by Turner Stewart)


The VIWIFF runs March 8 – 13 at the Vancity Theatre.

70% DARK SHORTS PROGRAM: Friday, March 11th, 4:00 – 6:00

CRUSHED: Friday, March 11th, 6:30 pm

END OF DAYS, INC.: Friday, March 11th, 9:30 pm

Filmmakers in attendance! More info here:


More genre films to follow April 20th, 2016, at NCFD presented by Cinemafantastique Fest, Shivers Film Society, Women in Film Vancouver.

From VBAFF to VIWIFF 2016…

2016 is already shaping up to be an amazing year for genre film festivals in Vancouver! Right now I’m fresh off the jury at the Vancouver Badass Film Fest – and The Thing I Learned at the Vancouver Badass Film Fest is this: that the best of the Canadian genre shorts (and their filmmakers) maintained a local, cultural, cinematic, and even comedic sophistication that appealed highly to the energetic audience. I sincerely hope, and do believe (as evidence is present) that this is merely the beginning of a new front of Canadian genre filmmaking. Funnily, also, some of the best of the International shorts were also populated by front-of-the-line Canadian talents. And so, right off the heels of the exciting Vancouver Badass Film Fest (which was held at the Vancity Theatre), Women in Film & Television in Vancouver are hosting an entire block dedicated to female auteurs in the industry who have a special affinity for genre storytelling. This March, in the midst of WIFT’s five-day film festival (dubbed VIWIFF, also being held at the Vancity Theatre, March 8 – 13) there in an entire block dedicated to these women in genre film smack in the middle of Friday the 11th, from 4pm to 6pm, where VIWIFF will be screening genre shorts from local filmmakers Karen Lam (Chiral), Karen Nielsen (Grace), Michelle Muldoon (Chaos Management), Victoria Angell (Summoned), Jennifer Campbell (Bruised); their fellow Canadian filmmaker Kat Threlkeld (Seiren; from Toronto) and International filmmakers Beatriz M. Calleja (Pequeno; from Spain) and Emilija Gasic (The Cursed Days; from Serbia).

Shivers Film Society is proud to be involved in the community support not only of these fantastic genre films and their respective filmmakers, but also with WIFT, whom we will also be partnering with to bring a genre short film programme to The Norm Theatre this April with the National Canadian Film Day organization.

Keep an eye out here as Shivers Film Society’s short film programmers post more blog-writings about these exciting shorts and filmmakers in the days leading up to the WIFT film fest!

March 8 – 13, 2016, at the Vancity Theatre.

Genre Short Films: March 11, 4pm – 6pm, co-presented with Shivers Film Society.

Stay tuned for more news!