Directors’ Biographical Notes:

Vince D’Amato is the creative director, lead programmer, and founder of the Cinemafantastique Film Festival which launched in Vancouver, BC, in 2015. The Cinemafantastique Film Fest was conceived while Vince was the director of the Shivers Film Society (see more on this history below), a non-profit cinema organization operating in Vancouver, BC and London, UK from 2012-2016.

Vince is also the co-founder of the independent genre film production company Creepy Six Films in Vancouver, Canada, which has, to date, produced seven feature films, three short films, and two internet TV series for international distribution. In 2004 and 2005 their first two features became international cult hits, being widely distributed in Italy, Spain, Japan, Germany, Russia, UK, Canada, and America. Vince currently spends his time working between Vancouver, Canada and Milan, Italy; and is focused on producing artistic genre films for theatrical exhibition and screening arthouse erotic horror films from International/independent filmmakers and producers through the annual Cinemafantastique Film Festival.

Nicole D’Amato is the co-creative director and co-programmer for the Cinemafantastique Film Festival in Vancouver, BC and Milano, Italy. Nicole has been involved with the International genre film fest since 2015 (its first year) and has moved from the leading administrator into the co-creative position for Cinemafantastique 3 in 2017. One of the co-founders and the lead producer for Creepy Six Films, Nicole’s first three feature films have seen wide global distribution and have become cult classics in Europe, Asia, and North America. She has worked with and produced films for genre film directors Vince D’Amato and Ryan Nicholson; and is now currently in pre-production on her new feature, Los Vampiros Sexuales.

You can get in touch with Vince or  Nicole through the CONTACT PAGE

The Mandate…

The Cinemafantastique International Genre Film Festival (or just Cinemafantastique for short), is dedicated to screening, exposing, and celebrating International independent cinema artists with a passion for the horrific, the erotic, the surreal, and the unusual – often the filmmakers’ skewed sense of humour and excitement for genre cinema is apparent on-screen. We love these types of films, and we support the artists who create them.

Cinemafantastique is a not-for-profit film organization.


In the beginning…
Well, it all started in London, England, at a pub called The Crown on the edge of the financial district, over a couple of pints with my friend Justin, who runs the Filmbar ’70 film society. I was asking him about screening films in general, and he asked me: “What is it you want to do, exactly?” “I want to show our film” meaning, our latest feature film from Creepy Six Films, The Hard Cut Double Feature. So, Justin said to me, “Bring me five Canadian films. We’ll do an all-day Canadian film festival!”. That was back in the fall of 2011, and by 2012 we’d programmed, and, purely by happenstance, were launching the first SHIVERS film festival in London. In May of 2012, we started it all with the all-day programme: “The Influence of the Canadian Tax Shelter Films”, which was really just what it sounded like – films influenced by the plethora of  killer Canadian genre features that came from the Telefilm tax shelter of the 1970s to the early ’90s. Moving back to Vancouver in 2012, we decided to register the Shivers Film Society as an official non-profit film society, both provincially and federally, to showcase independent and classic genre/cult Canadian features and shorts. We launched the first Canadadrome all-day fest in Vancouver with the continuing (and very much appreciated) support of the First Weekend Club, The Pacific Cinematheque, The Georgia Straight, UBC, VIFF, Canuxploitation, Criterion Pictures (Canada), The Classic Horror Campaign & Rue Morgue(UK), and the dozens of film fans who continue to show up to our screenings.

After several Shivers Film Society screenings, including two Scalarama events, five (!) CanadaDrome  events; Two-Lane Blacktops: A Retrospective of the 1970s American Road Movie, and The Canadian Horror Show, programmer/director Vince D’Amato conceived the Cinemafantastique Film Fest at the end of 2014 after reading a typo in Jason Zimmerman’s genre cinema book “Shock Value”, when the author had inadvertently misspelled the title of “CineFantastique” magazine within the first few pages. In 2015, Shivers Film Society’s Cinemafantastique became a four-day film festival with the help of Turner Stewart and Dionne Copland from the UBC Film Society, which mixed cult-classic genre films with new, unreleased genre films from independent filmmakers; the program included Dario Argento’s Three Mothers Trilogy, Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears, TimeCrimes, Glass, Cemetery Man, and several other feature films plus two separate short film programs.

In 2016, Cinemafantastique 2 focused more clearly on the independent genre films from around the globe, featuring Last Girl Standing, Holy Hell, The Love Witch (making its Canadian premier at our festival), The Red Man, Harvest Lake, and Bigfoot Ate My Boyfriend. Moving onto Cinemafantastique 3 (and further), the newest ideas for the festival will be to condense and showcase exciting, sexy (and bloody) genre films from around the world in a kinetic single-day marathon screening, taking the selected films on a short International cinema-screening tour.

Cinemafantastique Film Fest.

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