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Once you’ve registered for tickets, we will email you ENTRY CODES – It’s that easy!! Cinemafantastique 5 is set to start at 1PM on Aug. 29th with Block #1…so come check out some great indie films over the Aug. 29- 30 weekend. Codes must be redeemed over the course of the presentation weekend. Please check your SPAM folders!!

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Also check out our Event Page Aug.29-30 for Live Stream Q&As and Awards!

Block #1 (Aug. 29th, 1:00PM PDT): “Social Horror”

Wrecked – Directed by: Mathieu Mortelmans – Belgium
Dolls of the Void – Directed by: Tavarna Caris Garvey – UK
Somatika – Directed by: Emi Electra – USA
Incredible Tale of the Spiritless Man – Directed by: Marcella C. De Finis – Brazil
Anonymous Animals – (Feature Film) – Directed by: Baptiste Rouveure – France

Block #2 (Aug. 29th, 4:00PM PDT): #FilmedinBC

DELETED – Directed by: Jon Flahr and Benjamin Schuetze – Canada
The Devil and I – Directed by: Christopher Graham – Canada
Cashed Out – Directed by: Michael Trainor – Canada
Nepenthes  – Directed by: Ariel Hansen – Canada|
Siren – Directed by: Christopher Beaubien – Canada
Ramshackle Blues – Directed by: Sharai Rewels – Canada

Block #3 (Aug. 30th, NOON, PDT): #WeLoveGenreFilm

Playtime’s Over – Directed by: Tony Reames – USA
Blink. – Directed by: Carlos J Matos – Spain
Bark – Directed by: Ryan irving – Canada
Don’t Sneeze – Directed by: Ryan LaPlante – Canada
Look Twice – Directed by: Kyle Wilson – USA
The Minister – Directed by: Matt Parks – Canada
Bloodsucker’s Planet – (Feature Film) – Directed by: Mark Beal – USA
French Blood 1 – Mr. PIG – (Feature Film) – Directed by: Rodolphe Bonnet – France

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