SHIVERS on the internet!

Well, it’s been a grand first half of 2013. To recap, Shivers Film Society screened theatrically, in Vancouver, six independent Canadian shorts, three independent Canadian feature films, three Canadian cult/genre flicks, and eight classic cult films from various eras. A very special shout-out to The Pacific Cinematheque, Whitebowl Productions, the UBC film department, Scala Beyond (and the upcoming Scalarama), Cinemadame, Canuxploitation, and a lot of local friends and family for the continued support of our local film society.

While we won’t be programming any theatrical screenings this summer, we are very proud to present our SHIVERS ON-LINE STREAMING CHANNEL through Viaway Films in the U.S.  where you can watch (for free or for damned cheap) some kick-ass all-Canadian genre flicks of all lengths, many with free special features!

Click on the link and check it out!

And in further theatrical news, there is a new season of Scalarama launching this fall in the UK, and we’re gearing to be a part of it! But they do need some help right now, and I would encourage any cinema fan to check out their kickstarter page.

We’ll also be announcing our new events, of course, as we get closer to the fall. Till then, happy watching!

Very truly,


Shivers Film Society.

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