Frankenhooker cancelled due to venue clash

Sorry, Mr. Henenlotter, Ms. Mullen, Mr. Lorinz, the October 3rd screening of your hilarious and brilliant “Frankenhooker” has had to be cancelled, I’m afraid.

After weeks of working with The Rickshaw to program a duo of screenings in Vancouver, after several re-workings of the art and the online invites in conjunction with The Rickshaw, and despite my adamant pursuit and obtainment of their final say-so and event confirmation, the folks at The Rickshaw decided, after the event was put out there and the invites rolled out, that they didn’t want to play the film after all. While in the interest of non-censorship they never outright told us to change the film in question (although they certainly suggested and made us aware of their feelings on the matter), The Rickshaw has refrained any form of advertising, or even mention of this event, which is just a recipe for failure. I indeed fully explored the idea of changing venues, but even changing the film, is a matter of time, energy, and money, all of which, I’d finally decided, would be much more constructively spent on focusing on the new series of screenings from the Shivers Film Society…

CanadaDrome and our Secret Double Features, which will launch this winter at the Pacific Cinematheque downtown, Vancouver (on Howe St. to be exact), where we will have complete control of the programing and our scheduling.

It’s time to move ahead, and I truly hope to see you all come this January, and we thank you dearly for all the support so far.


Co-Director, Shivers Film Society.

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